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Leaders of the Ukrainian

market for growing snails Helix Aspera Muller

are you here?

Hello! If you came to us, then you definitely want to open a new business in a new, attractive niche for Ukraine. You probably already heard about the sensational snail business in Ukraine, for which all you need is a field, a small room, a minimum of financial costs and almost no work (business for the lazy), and after 6-7 months you will get a huge snail crop , and selling it, you will get a big economic profit. No, you will not find this kind of information here. Here we show you that with the right approach, strictly observing all technological steps,

as well as with strict control of the microclimate and the fulfillment of all necessary tasks, with the right approach to the design and construction of a farm for snails, with its proper promotion both in the Ukrainian market and in the European market, your desired result will not be long in coming. Only effective management, strict control and a competent approach to creating a farm will bear fruit. Now Ukraine is in a state of the so-called "reproducers boom", small and medium-sized farmers striving to teach without any experience and technology

to teach you correctly to grow a snail and to sell it for export for 4-5 euro / kg, but the goal is one - to sell a brood of snails, then you yourself. But we propose approaching the issue of creating a farm from a completely different perspective - before making an important decision on creating a farm, you need to weigh the pros and cons, look at the real sales and wholesale prices in the EU countries, study the analytics of the EU and world snail markets , get a real economy for creating a farm and its maintenance, get design documentation for building a farm, etc.

snail market analytics

To date, the global snail trade market (all types) is estimated at approximately $ 1 billion. Supply covers demand by 70%. The leader among importers of snails is the European market, which occupies more than half of world imports...

Why us?

Large breeders

We are large breeders of Helix Aspersa Muller snails.


We are one of the few who have top quality of Helix Aspersa Muller snails in Ukraine.

Technological map

We have a complete technological map developed together with European partners, which details each production step is described


A completely innovative approach and unique technological process of growing


We are the only ones who build turnkey farm


We are the only ones who provide online learning.

How to start?

01 Business plan
02 Marketing research
03 Consulting
04 Design
05 Construction
06 Reproducers
07 Breeding
08 Documentation
09 Branding
10 Commercial
11 Selling

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